Meet Our Specialists - Dr Richard Kahler

Dr Richard Kahler, one of Briz Brain & Spine's founding partners, is a neurosurgeon with experience in all aspects of neurosurgical care with special interests in cranial surgery, neuro-oncology and complex spinal surgery, including advanced computer-guided spinal surgery. We sat down with Richard to find out more about him.

What do you like most about your specialty?

I entered Neurosurgery as I saw it as the most interesting and challenging area of medicine for me to take up. I am still challenged on a regular basis and enjoy using my skills to help people in need. I have enjoyed being involved in a group practice at Briz Brain and Spine where I can work with other surgeons to provide the best care and become the best I can be.

Are there other areas of medicine you have experience in or are interested in?

I focus most of my time on learning around brain and spine surgery. I do have an interest in the history of medicine and applied ethics.

Describe the weirdest thing you've had to do in your medical career.

There have been a lot of strange moments throughout my career and some are too strange / rude to mention. Perhaps some of the more exhilarating times was when I was working as an Emergency Registrar and had to attend roadside accidents via helicopter. You were never sure exactly what you would encounter and getting there was always nerve wracking. Once you arrive at the site however, the training always kicked in.

What do you like to do outside of Briz Brain & Spine?

I enjoy reading, particularly the classics. I enjoy listening to music (particularly opera) and playing the piano when I can. Because I work long hours and do not see my family as much as I like, I enjoy family holidays where we can spend leisure time together. Our favourite holidays are skiing and sailing.

And do you have any special talents?

When I was younger my mother made me practice the piano every day. Although I am rusty, I still like to tinkle the keys every now and then. I used to be quite a good swimmer but now I think I might sink. Last time I checked, I still held the Central Queensland 8 Years Boys record for 50m freestyle. That was a long time ago...

To find out more about Dr Kahler and the services he provides, please visit his dedicated page here.


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