Prof David Walker


Prof David Walker is a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon at Briz Brain & Spine. He has a special clinical interest in brain tumours and is actively involved in conducting research to help find a cure for this disease.

Prof David Walker has particular interests in:

  • Neuro-oncology
  • General neurosurgery
  • General spine surgery
  • Pituitary surgery
  • Medico-legal

Background and Experience

Prof Walker completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Queensland. He then studied for a doctorate PhD at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research on the Molecular Genetics of Astrocytomas (brain tumours) before undertaking advanced neurosurgical training at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Throughout Prof Walker's career, he has based his practice around a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. This approach ensures that patients receive holistic advice on treatment required. For patients with primary malignant brain tumours (glioma, low grade glioma, glioblastoma, GBM, oligodendroglioma) the maintenance of Quality of Life is paramount. Health-related quality of life is widely recognized in medicine but its assessment and maintenance in patients with brain tumours has not kept up with other more common cancers. This situation does not correlate with the problem - most if not all patients with malignant brain tumours (glioma, GBM, glioblastoma) suffer psychological distress, and many will experience clinically significant depression and / or anxiety.

Due to this, Prof Walker, decided to advocate a new role that would support and guide patients throughout their treatment journey. Through his research and understanding of the support required, Prof Walker developed the role of Neuro-oncology Nurse Practitioner. Recently renamed Neurosurgical Nurse Practitioner, this role is undertaken by Viven Biggs who works in collaboration with Briz Brain & Spine neurosurgeons and other medical specialists, adding nursing expertise to our approach to coordinated care.

The proud father of two, Prof Walker's daughter is a Brisbane based lawyer and his son is an up and coming talent in the music industry. Prof Walker is a very family orientated man, a father who lights up when he speaks about his children and their current endeavors.

In his spare time, Prof Walker enjoys getting outdoors and playing a round of golf, he recently traveled with friends to check out the well renowned golf courses of Scotland. Prof. Walker prides himself on being an active member of the community, this year he embarked on a new community service and personal challenge by enlisting as an Officer in the Royal Australian Army Reserves.

Consulting Locations and Information

Bowen Hills Medical Specialist Centre

The Wesley Hospital

Impact of pre-therapy glioblastoma multiforme microenvironment on clinical response to autologous CMV-specific T-cell therapy - 7 November 2019

Queensland Audit of Surgical Mortality

Neurosurgical Society of Australia

Spine Society of Australia

Australian Pain Society

Australian Medical Association Queensland

Australian Pituitary Foundation

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