Vertebral Body Tethering

Vertebral Body Tethering is a growth modulation technique that is aimed at restraining growth on one side (the convex side) of the spine while allowing growth on the other side (the concave shorter side) to continue as normal. This procedure is offered to children before their pubescent growth spurt, who have a significant scoliosis that is not responsive to any other treatment.The aim of this guided, growth friendly intervention is that it will result in some correction of the scoliosis curvature as the spine continues to grow and therefore not require any further intervention in the future.

The surgery is performed as a minimally invasive or keyhole procedure under a special anaesthetic.

This procedure is not guaranteed to work and if the scoliosis continues to progress then it may require further surgery or in some cases a definitive spinal fusion at a later date.

X-rays before surgery: 


X-rays after surgery: 

For a complete guide to this procedure, please download the brochure below.