Fee Information

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation requires a referral. Referrals from a General Practitioner are valid for twelve months, and for three months from a Specialist. An extended period of time is allocated for the initial consultation and therefore a higher fee is charged.

Further Consultations

You may need to return for further consultations following the initial consultation. This may be required for test results, investigations and ongoing monitoring of your condition. A lower fee is charged for these consultations as less time is usually allocated.

Post-Operative Consultation

The early post-operative care consultation is included in the fee for surgery (this includes the in-hospital care). At times further care is required in hospital which may require billing.

Briz Brain & Spine choose to use the Australian Medical Association as a guideline for billing purposes. For additional information regarding patient fees please contact our office and one of our team members will be able to assist in your enquiry.

Methods of Payment

On completion of the consultation, you will be issued with an invoice and required to pay at the time of the visit. You may pay by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Once this is finalised, our receptionist will submit the claim to Medicare for processing of your rebate.

If you have submitted a WorkCover Claim or Third Party Claim, you will need to bring your Claim Number, contact details of the assigned Case Manager, and current WorkCover Certificate to the consultation. The account will be the responsibility of the patient and will require payment at the time of consultation.

If the account is to be paid by another person, business or employer, written authorisation is to be provided at the time of consultation and will be required to be pre-paid prior to the consultation.

Remember to bring…

  • Your referral letter (without this you may not be able to claim the full Medicare rebate)
  • Both past and recent x-rays and scans
  • Claim number, contact details of assigned Case Manager and WorkCover Medical Certificates (if it is a WorkCover or Third Party Claim)

Estimate of medical fees

Briz Brain & Spine aims to ensure our patients are informed of the associated surgical medical expenses. We encourage our patients to discuss these costs with a team member at Briz Brain & Spine before your procedure date to be sure you understand what you will be liable to pay. The estimate of fees will be provided to you prior to your elective surgery.

Sometimes in an emergency and out of normal business hours it is not always possible to give an estimate of fees prior to surgery. This can be provided the next business day. Unless specified, the estimate refers only to the fees charged by this practice (including surgical assist fees and Neurosurgical Nurse Practitioner fee). It does NOT cover services provided by other doctors, including anaesthetists, radiologists, nuclear physicians and pathologists, nor other costs associated with your stay in the hospital (e.g. accommodation, pharmacy, and physiotherapy).

Please be aware that this is an estimate only and the actual costs may differ from the estimate due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the procedure. In this instance it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services which you will be held liable to pay.

Briz Brain & Spine will coordinate and arrange all of your admission details. Once your admission has been arranged you will be notified in writing of your admission details. Prior to your admission to hospital you will be contacted to verbally confirm all of your admission details.

If you require any information or additional assistance throughout this time please do not hesitate to contact our office and ask to speak directly to your treating Doctor’s assistant.

The Medical Gap is a term used to describe the amount a patient pays when a doctor charges over the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS).

The Medicare Benefit Schedule is a list of procedures compiled and updated by the Commonwealth Government.

Each operation is allocated an Item Number and Fee – The Medicare Schedule fee. The Medicare Schedule fee is the amount the Federal Government is willing to contribute to each item.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) also publishes recommended fees for medical services and Briz Brain & Spine use these fees as a guide.

Why is there a Medical Gap?

The Medical Gap is increasing as the Medicare rebate is not keeping pace with inflation. The Federal Government are not adequately increasing the Medicare Rebate. The Medicare Schedule was established in 1985 but has not increased in line with inflation. The costs of running a quality medical practice have increased phenomenally with computer software, hardware, information technology, insurance, staffing and Medical Indemnity.

This graph shows the real reason for the medical gap.

Why is there a Gap?

The graph above shows the change in general price levels compared to the Medicare rebate since 1985.

If the government does not increase the schedule fees the medical gap will continue to rise. The AMA has issued its own Schedule of Fees based on inflation rates and we use these fees as a guideline for billing.


Patient and staff safety is our highest priority at Briz Brain & Spine.

For patients with appointments, if you are suffering any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, tiredness or shortness of breath or have recently travelled interstate, overseas or been in contact with someone who has returned from interstate or overseas, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please contact our friendly reception team before attending the clinic. A telehealth appointment may be an alternative method of speaking with our surgeons.

Protecting the health of our staff is vital to ensure they can continue to provide great service.  Patients are encouraged to prepay accounts over the phone prior to appointments or via payWave or other contactless payment methods. Patients are also asked to complete the Patient Details Form and sign the Privacy Policy Agreement electronically prior to their appointment. These forms can be found under our Contacts page on the website or by clicking here. Please note, patients are asked to bring only ONE support person to their appointment and maintain appropriate social distances to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

During this current outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus we want to assure all of our patients that we will continue to implement procedures to maintain a hygienic clinical environment. This includes:

-          Disinfecting and wiping down all treatment surfaces

-          Regular cleaning of rooms and shared equipment

-          Thorough cleaning of all communal items including reception chairs, tables, door handles, pens and other shared items

-          All staff have access to infection control procedures and training to implement these as necessary

We are carefully monitoring the directions and advice of Queensland Health, the Australian Government Department of Health and the World Health Organization. In the meantime, it is still business as usual and our doors are open.

Briz Brain & Spine wishes to apologise for the inconvenience caused and thanks you for your cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented situation.