Breakthrough Glioma Surgery

Breakthrough Glioma Surgery

ABC TV News National, Tuesday 20 September, 2011

There has been an exciting breakthrough in brain surgery for sufferers of Glioma, with Australia’s first Gliolan-fluorescence guided surgery being performed by Dr David Walker of BrizBrain & Spine at the Wesley Hospital in September 2011. The surgery was overseen by Professor Walter Stummer, a leading German neurosurgeon, who is training neurosurgeons in this new technology.

The successful operation introduced a new drug, “Gliolan”, which is used in adult patients with malignant glioma.  Gliolan helps surgeons to visualise brain tumours more clearly during surgery improving the chance for complete tumor resection. The drug is used to selectively induce fluorescence in brain tumour cells to assist surgeons in defining and resecting gliomas.

Dr David Walker and the neurosurgeons at BrizBrain & Spine are leading the way in the research and treatment of brain conditions and together with the Wesley Hospital, are the only surgeons in Queensland who can currently perform this operation.

Dr David Walker remarked “I think this is a major advance in brain tumour treatment and I am proud that Brizbrain and Spine, and the Wesley Hospital, have been the first to offer the treatment in Australia. I believe it will become standard of care for this patient group.”